Clermont Historic Village Museum

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Clermont Historic Village Museum

352-593-8496   |   490 West Avenue, Clermont, FL


The South Lake County Historical Society invites you to visit the Clermont Historic Village Museum. Each building offers you a glimpse into the rich history of our area. Come, explore and learn!

Townsend House


We are looking for an area rug to go in the newly finished East bedroom upstairs in the Kern House. It should be 9' by 12' at the absolute largest and be of a style in keeping with the age of the house (late 1880's).

Upcoming Events

Sallie and James

February 21st-22nd, 2pm. An original play about Sallie and James Townsend, Clermont’s first African-American settlers, written by Candy Keller-Raber will be presented on the grounds of the Historic Village. Using the porch of the Townsend House as the main stage, the play will present highlights from the Townsend’s early years in Clermont.

General Meeting

March 9th, 7pm.

Please remember that the Village is closed for tours when school field trips are scheduled! (Contact Dodie at 352-593-8496 to schedule a field trip for your class)

Lend a Helping Hand

There are volunteer opportunities at every event in the Village. If you think you can help, call Dodie at 352-593-8496.